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SEO Search Engine Opimization


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improves your website rankings across the world wide web. This is a very important aspect within your website copy and text. The copy you put on your website pages needs to be relevant to your topic on each page. Your keywords that you are shooting for in google seaches have a factor. Simply putting keywords into your website copy is not enough. In fact, if you do that too much it will have a negative impact on your search results.


Organic search results

We have been creating websites since the early 1990's as Google Search even became a thing, along with Amazon. Through the years, the requirements for your website to show up in results has evolved endlessly from year to year. We have been there through the whole thing. We were there before a picture could even be on a website. This predates most people even having some of the first PCs and the first Graphical Interfaces such as WINDOWS or MAC.

We understand the intricacies involved with bringing your website straight to the first page in google search results. The job does not end there since there are many other searh engines to consider. We understand today's partnerships with Google and Bing and Yahoo and Duck Duck go etc. The list is huge.

The Point we are making is that we fully understand the intricacies of search engines and obtaining the best organic search results through meticulous analysis of your copy and SEO measures.


Website Design

When we design a brand new website, and have to create the copy on that site, we are specifically designing your copy for higher ranking on the world wide web during the design process beyond the aesthetics of your brand. Our goal is to get you on the map with out extra cost of SEO services. If we do it right during the design process, then you don't need the extra costs associated.


Existing Websites

Even a well designed website pertaining to SEO needs adjustments eventually as time goes by. The algorythims are ever changing year to year with google and other search engines over the years. If you are leaving one company and moving your website to us due to being unhappy with results from the previous provider, we offer services to correctly adjust what you have to maximize the page results in order to increase your website traffic.