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Scammers Are Very Convincing

They reach us through Phone Calls, Emails, Text Messages, even Fax Machines


ccComputing Is Always Available To Help

If you are unsure about any email, phone call, or popup, please don't hesitate to call us for our opinion. We will discuss it with you happily and determine what to do, or not do. Call us anytime and leave a voicemail when necessary at 941-416-8643. We really do care about anyone facing a possible scam.


How Do They Have My Information ?

95% of the time you have not been hacked, it is the institutions you work with on a regular basis that have been hacked. It is those very institutions that are storing all of your personal information in databases with internet access where your personal information is leaked. We as customers usually get a simple email or letter stating that "Your information may have been compromised in a data leak" which covers them, but not you.


ccComputing Computer Repair Helps Those Who Have Been Scammed

Having been computer scammed, you may feel embarrassed, violated, or even depressed. Please don't. These scammers are professionals and have user psychology down to the penny. Scammers can get to the best of us and life puts us all in vulnerable positions from time to time, leaving us open to this type of predator.


What Form of Payment Did You Use

Your first and most important step is to determine what form of payment or account you opened up to these scammers. If in one case, the scam happened because you called HP for support on a printer, and the contracted support people say they can't fix your printer until they fix your computer, then they proceed to do that (supposedly). When they are finished, they will want a credit card payment. If you pay them with your credit card, call that credit card company right away. They will take measures to reverse any charges, cancel your card and issue you a new one. You might as well change any passwords into that specific account.


Bank Account, Debit Cards, Credit Cards

If somehow the scam followed the path where a bank transfer has happened, or a Debit Card was used, you need to go visit your Financial Institution right away, and state to them "I was scammed". They will in turn cancel your debit cards, bank issued credit cards and such, then issue new ones to you. They will also in most cases reverse those charges right away. They will then by default tell you to call a reputable Computer Repair company to clear your computer.

That is where ccComputing has been helping residents and small businesses in Englewood, FL and Venice and the surrounding cities for 16 years. Scam Recovery. We call it computer scam mitigation.


After the Bank Says 'Have Your Computer Cleaned'

Call us at 941-416-8643. If you reach our voicemail, make sure you leave a message. It will be converted into a text message so that if we are busy with another customer, your message will reach us right away and we are made aware. We will call you back A.S.A.P. Make sure your message states you may have been scammed.


What The Computer Cleaning Consists Of

We start by hunting down any type of software the scammers used to take control of your computer. They have ways to install the log in software that happens in several hidden places on Windows computers. We then go through all of your internet browsers and expose any saved login and password information to financial accounts, shopping accounts, credit card accounts, email accounts, and similar important data accounts. By generating this list, we can then assist you in the arduous process of changing your passwords to these accounts. Email accounts usually being the first one to change. This is Password Change Assistance.

Next we perfrom an entire system cleanup / tune-up along with going through all system folders and removing all temp files, login sessions and similar items. Next we remove all extensions from all of your internet browsers, remove any useless software you don't use, remove all spyware and viruses we may come accross. In the end we will clean out your registry of bad keys and unnecessary keys left over from poorly written software.





Computer Tune Up & Clean Up

Our method of tuning up a computer, or cleaning up a computer, is such that it isn't necessary to wipe out the whole thing and reinstall Windows or MacOSX like many other companies may do. We actually know what we are doing. We have developed this method so that when we are finished, your computer works for you the same as it always has without all the hassles that come with a new computer installation. You will find that our tune up leaves the computer running faster and better than the day you took it out of the box brand new.





Tips To Avoid Scams


Emails, if a recognized account of yours such as a Bank, Amazon, PayPal, Inverstor Account or similar sends an email alert with a LINK in the email, DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK!!!! Just go to that particular account your normal way and login to the account and check your statements and look for alerts. You may find there are no alerts at all and you are fine.

A Pop Up blocks your Internet Screen and you Can't get out of it. It may say any number of things to convice you to call the number the Alert is displaying. It may appear to be from Microsoft, Apple, Comcast, Frontier, and others looking very official. Try and shut down or restart computer. If it comes back, Call us at 941-416-8643. Most of the time we can help you over the phone in a few minutes.

Be wary of emails to do with FedEx or UPS or USPS or Amazon shipping of packages. Even if you are expecting a package. Be wary of Package Tracking Emails. Don't use the links in the email.

Phone Calls, if you get a phone call from the IRS, or any government body, don't trust it is them. Really pay attention to this. They mainly will contact you through mailed envelopes containing real information.