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Network Wiring For Your Home or Small Business

ccComputing Can Install Network Wiring and Coaxial Cable

We have been network wiring small business offices and adding lines to residential homes for 16 years now. We install what are called "Home Runs" to one chosen location to keep all router/modems, switches, and phone banks in an enclosed cabinet where all of the device clutter is hidden. A strategically placed coaxial cable / or Cat 6 line, allows for placing your internet providers internet router/modem at this location, and feeding your entire home or office with internet. By having a Cat 6 line from the home run to a centrally located spot in your space, you are able to serve up the most effective WiFi signals that cover everything you need.

Installation of WiFi Networks

ccComputing can install the latest WiFi 6 and 6E routers onto your current internet to boost your signal reach and increase your device speeds throughout your home. With the advent of smart home technology from light switches, wireless security cameras, Smart TVs, and Streaming Sticks, we are always available to help you traverse the setup of such devices.


Cat 6 Networking

Cat 6 home and small business network wiring supports data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps at 250 MHz with even less crosstalk interference than it's predecessor Cat 5, due to the cable's improved insulation. Cat 6 cabling is more qualified to handle the fast pace of Gigabit Ethernet networks. Now that Frontier and Comcast are offering 1 Gbps speeds into your businesses and homes, having your home wired during construction, or lines added to existing homes and offices would allow you to enjoy the data rates you are paying for with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).


Advantages of Networking Your Space Over WiFi Only

By network wiring your home or small business, every portion of your space will receive the full speed of internet service which you are being provided with in your budget. Let's face it, the WiFi router is never conveniently located at the very center of your total space. More often than not, your Router/Modem is located at one end of your home or office. The WiFi Signal now has to penetrate every single wall throughout the house or office to the last location a device is needed. What happens to the longest reaching devices is very slow internet speeds in that location. It's liken to a kink in a water hose. The farther away you are, the slower the flow of data to your device. If a WiFi Range Extender is placed at the halfway point, it is already starting off with half the speed. Sure, now your device does not constantly drop WiFi, but your internet speed will only be at half it's potential speed from the get go. If there was a Cat 6 connection at the location where the WiFi extender is installed, then it delivers a full speed starting point outward. This greatly affects Streaming to TVs and X Box and PlayStation units, or Amazons 4K Max Fire Stick. 


Smart Homes - Streaming - Security Cameras

The latest WiFi standard is WiFi 6 (or 802.11 ax) . The maximum link rate of WiFi 6 is between 600 and 9608 Mbps. Many newly released routers are marketed as WiFi 6E-compatible, so what does it mean? Well, WiFi 6E is an extension to the WiFi 6 standard that adds support for the 6 GHz band. The 6 GHz band actually extends from 5.925 GHz to 7.125 GHz, so it has a very wide frequency range, much more than the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands you are used to seeing.. Because the 6 GHz band is so wide, it can offer a lot of bandwidth to support our current and future connectivity needs. These facts allow for you to enjoy closer to the paid speeds your ISP is providing you with. 

ccComputing computer repair can help you navigate these things and install the latest WiFi equipment necessary to get the most out of your internet costs so you can enjoy better video streaming and steady security videos.  If you have kids, or grandkids running gaming units on your WiFi, you shouldn't hear any complaints. Should you choose to install ring doorbells, IOT devices such as lighting, appliances and such,  you will have plenty of bandwidth to use all of these smart home technologies.