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New Computer Setup

Your brand new Computer setup requires several tasks once you have received your new computer. Upon your first startup, you will be faced with many decisions during this first boot. Once you create your login with Microsoft or Apple, you will be faced with connecting to your current network. If you traverse this procedure, you will eventually be staring at your new empty desktop with no shortcuts to your frequently used applications from your old computer.

You Need Your Computer Files

Your new computer doesn't have any of your files, none of your login data, and no access to your emails.

You are responsible to copy all of your old files, know your email username and passwords, all of your login websites and passwords, and all software you are used to on your old computer. You will need the installation files for any software along with any license keys to successfully keep using what you are used to. Your favorites list will also be missing for common websites you visit.




Computer Setup Made Easy

ccComputing's mission is to make this process as simple as possible. We will make sure your pictures, documents, favorites, videos, and downloads end up in the same place on the new computer. If you have opted for custom computers, we will ensure you are aware of every aspect required to move forward with your day to day computing needs.

Logging Into Accounts

We help you gain access to your web mail on your new computer setup, and help you navigate your Account logins to frequently visited websites such as banks, Gmail and other commonly needed websites.







Computer Hardware Tracking

Institutions track your computer hardware these days using Device IDs and MAC addresses. With a new computer they will not recognize your computer from your IP location and will require you to receive codes sent to your email, or mobile phone before a successful login can be achieved.

A device ID is a unique identifier assigned to a device by its manufacturer or operating system. MAC addresses are typically hardcoded into a device’s hardware and cannot be changed.


Printer Setup

After you've setup your new computer, there is then the task of setting up your printer on the new computer system. This will require connecting the printer to your existing WiFi Network.  By installing your printer in this manner, your other devices such as iPads and iPhones will be able to print to the same printer.


Computer Setup and Common Software

Some common software necessary on all computers does not come with your new Laptop or PC. Adobe Acrobat reader will need to be installed, and most likely Microsoft Office so that you may view your documents. If you had a license for an antivirus, you will need to login to that site in order to download that program and then supply your license key.


ccComputing Computer Setup

Our goal is to make your new purchase of a computer as simple as possible for you. We have been setting up computers in Englewood and Venice FL for 16 years and truly understand every aspect of computing necessary for a seemless migration for the user.