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3D Autocad Expertise and Design Development

Using a plethora of 3D Software skills and programs, we are equipped to help you with design development ideas. Whether it is for manufacturing, architectural design, product development, or even for 3D printing projects, ccComputing has the tools needed to help you develop your ideas and businesses.


Marketing Materials

Using the 3D concepts created under a given project, we can then help you output marketing materials for your design ideas and projects. Once an idea is in 3D we can output any views to images of your taste.


The Power of 3D Models

The real power of 3D Models is that you can generate working drawings from these accurate models whether it's for engineering and manufacturing, architectural floor plans, or 3D printing files for slicing. We can export your models to many formats so that they may be used with your drafting vendor you may be using for working floorplans and engineering drawings.


3D Photo-Realistic Images

If you already have a set of home plans and would like to see your home in a final Architectural Rendering, we can quickly 3D model your home accurately and put it through the process of applying materials and day lighting to produce a beauty imagae of your final home before it is constructed.


Advantages of Designing in 3D

One of the primary advantages of designing engineered products in 3d is that things are modeled in real world sizes and tolerances. In the design stage, your are able to measure your models as you proceed and ensure your parts and pieces will fit toghether. When it is complete, you can now output marketing materials, send parts to manufacturers to communicate what is expectd, get feedback in the process and make necessary changes. Then you can produce your engineering or architectural plans knowing what the final product will be


Sample Marketing and Renderings from previous projects

universal bottle filler and conveyor system in 3D Autocad

rendering of exterior of a modern craftsman style home in oregon

rendering of interior living room in a condominimum

architectural rendering of a home in water color system

wine bottles modeled in Autocad and materials and rendering in 3D Studio Max 2013

3D Rendering of a home theatre design

shaded view of autocad home model from above